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How many Sharp copiers fit into a 40' HC (High Cube) container?    
Between 102 and 240.  40’ HC container holds 2 to 4 levels of machines.
        Floor level holds
        51 Sharp AR-M550, AR-M620 and AR-M700 or
        57 Sharp AR-M350, AR-M450, AR-M355 and AR-M455 or
        76 AR-M237, AR-M277, AR-M257 or AR-M317 

       Second Level holds
        57 Sharp AR-M350, AR-M450, AR-M355 and AR-M455 or
        76 AR-M237, AR-M277, AR-M257 or AR-M317 

        Third level holds
        76 AR-M237, AR-M277, AR-M257 or AR-M317 
        Fourth Level holds
        12 AR-M237, AR-M277, AR-M257 or AR-M317 plus RADF's 

        To ship 3 or 4 levels require us to remove stands.  We will remove the stand for no charge.

Do you have other models available? Yes.  Please email us at with what you are looking for.  We will be happy to help you.

Do you support Microsoft Windows?
Sorry we do not support Microsoft Windows.

Do you provide support for Sharp print or scan drivers?
Yes, but only Sharp products that were purchased directly from  Due to the amount of research needed to support drivers we only support equipment purchased directly from  If you did not purchase the product directed from we can not help you.  Try for support.

Do you sell parts, accessories or supplies?
Yes, minimum order is $2000 USD.  Prices are FOB St. Louis, MO USA

How do you separate the floor level from the second level?

We build a floor out of 2x4's and 7/16 OSB.  The first level and second level do not touch or we place 1" (25.4 mm) blue foam or top of the machines then 7/16" (11 mm) OSB on top of the foam.

Can I inspect the equipment before it ships?  Yes.  We will pick you up at the airport, drive you to our warehouse and provide you with power for your inspection.  Once you approve the equipment, you can watch us load your equipment and seal your container.  We are only 5 minutes from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. (Airport code: STL) 

How do I pay for my equipment?  Wire transfer is the most common form of payment. We do accept irrevocable letters of credit provided 15% is paid at the time the order is placed and we approve the terms of the letter of credit before the container leaves .  

Can you load a container in 2 hours? Yes. Most loads are completed in 2 hours.  There is no additional charge if we exceed two hours.